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QUESTION:  What are the camp contact number(s) and person for emergencies?

ANSWER:  Imani Harris (310) 310-5250 and Church Office (714) 741-0590


QUESTION:  Will there be quiet time or nap time for the 4 and 5 year olds?

ANSWER:  A nap is welcomed during the break hour.


QUESTION: Can a parent bring a hot lunch for their child?

ANSWER:  Lunch is provided. Outside lunches are to accompany the child at check-in and can be heated. Please provide lunch for any special diet.


QUESTION:  What are the options for picking up my child early? 

ANSWER:  Please make prior arrangements. Keep in mind that absences and early pick-ups can limit the child’s participation in the final production.


QUESTION:  What happens if a child is sick or unable to attend for another reason? What happens if a child is unable to attend all of the rehearsals including extended rehearsals? 

ANSWER:  Inform us of absences using the contact information provided.  Please keep in mind that excessive absences can limit the student’s participation in the final production.


QUESTION:  What are the ticket requirements? 

ANSWER:  Tickets can be purchased during conservatory hours and office hours for the host facility.  We expect the parents to support their children by selling at least 10 tickets.


QUESTION:  Can parents volunteer to help back stage during the performance with wardrobe changes? 

ANSWER:  Parents are not allowed back stage during the production.


QUESTION:  Can parents attend field trips?

ANSWER:  Yes.  Parents serve as chaperones, and fieldtrip costs will apply.   

QUESTION:  Are there any additional cost associated with the conservatory? 

ANSWER:  Yes.  Additional costs include dance attire for training and basic attire that will be needed for the final production.  


QUESTION:  Does my child need to pack regular clothes and come dressed in dance clothes? 

ANSWER:  Children are asked to arrive dressed in comfortable clothing.  They can wear dance clothing (if applicable) underneath.


QUESTION:  What will be the method of feedback and how does it determine the parts for the production? 

ANSWER:  Artists and parents receive a daily report of progress.  With prayerful evaluation and consideration the creative team assigns parts for the production.     


QUESTION:  Will every child have a part in the production? 

ANSWER:  Yes, unless they are not available to attend or conservatory rules are broken.


QUESTION:  If my child doesn’t want to attend the field trip will there be someone on site to watch him/her?  

ANSWER:  No.  Supervision is not provided for artists that are not attending the field trips. 


QUESTION:  If for some reason I have to withdraw from the program can I get a refund? 

ANSWER:  No.  We do not give refunds of deposits or registration fees.



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